Saturday, 23 April 2011

Sultry Saturday

Oh, it is so hot and sticky here and now it has begun to rain! Not that I am bothered about that, as the plants need a good soaking, but it looks like only a little shower right now.
Sorry I have not been on for a day, or so. I am suffering from a damaged back! All the OH's fault too. It happened on Thursday afternoon and I am JUST about speaking to him again! Thing is, I'm not sure if he even noticed!!! :)
The damage meant that I couldn't use my arms properly, so I had to settle for reading with the help of my book stand. At least I was able to do that!!! Last night I tried a little stitching and it seemed to take me for ever, but I did get some done.
I have worked on the 15 sided Biscornu. It is a kit (don't like kits) bought for me by our daughter as she thought it was complicated enough to keep me out of mischief for a while! I have managed to complete one square and start the next and then I remembered that I was going to post the on going progress, so stopped to take a couple of photos.

First square done! They are all being worked on 18 count canvas with silk and cotton threads and rayon chainette. The rayon is a so and so to work with. You have to be so careful, or it begins to unravel and you are left with nothing but a curly useless thread!!
The canvas can be acquired in various places, but I would be buying it on line and from no particular store. On the other hand, the threads are a specialist type and are from Oliver Twists. The instructions can be seen in issue 66 of Stitch magazine.

Second square on the way!

These are the threads I am using. Along with these, in the kit, are a selection of beads, three shisha mirrors, some buttons and brass bells. Not sure that all those will end up being used...
So, fifteen of those tiny squares have to be made, then cut from the canvas and then stitched together! Simples.... eh???  :)  :)
Just one last thing for today, another piccie of T' Shed!

These drawers contain my fleeces and pre felts.....
Sun is back out now ....
Have a lovely evening everyone!
Take care ...

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tired Tuesday

Oh, gosh!! I am so very tired these past few days. Hey, ho!!
Am all puffed up again and haven't a clue as to why, so even more fed up!! :)
Tried to begin stitching that Biscornu last night, but didn't get far, as I forgot to fasten the canvas to a frame! Well, what can you do? I continued with the one I began on Saturday!! No idle fingers here you know! Tonight I will be starting on the BIG one!! Think I will take piccies as I go along and post them for you all. That way, at least you can see it coming together and then the completed piece.
As we are coming close to Easter, thought that I would post a card for you. The first card on here!!!
A DL size card made from Crafters Companion pearlised card stock . The daffodil was pricked out and then hand stitched using cotton embroidery threads. I then decided to colour on the inside of the stitching and I used Inktense pencils. I just love these pencils, as they do exactly what it says on the tin!!!
Have a lovely evening everyone and above all .... take care!!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunny Sunday

Am sooooo very tired today. Must be the after effects of yesterday! I did manage to make a start on my new biscornu pin cushion, but didn't get very far with it. Still, it won't take long to get all the stitching done and then there will be the fun of stuffing it!! Going to try a suggestion I found on Google, a good old fashioned metal pan scourer! Squeezed up tight and wrapped in a soft cotton wadding, this should keep the pins nice and sharp and clean. I loath rusty pins!!
Have been checking the latest Crafters Companion DVD out this afternoon and have had a few interesting ideas .... not necessarily for card/box making! Can see me making a lot more fabric covered boxes with these two new boards too!
Time for me to go and see how dinner is progressing, so will say "bye" for now.
Take care everyone.

Made the same way as the rose ... water soluble "fabric" and free machine embroidery.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Frenetic Friday!

Oh, my gosh, what a day! After leaving the dreaded H.W. for much longer than I intended, I tried to catch up with it all today. Got to around 5pm and OH told me to "blog off" !!! He told me to get myself into T' Shed and do whatever I had to do and he would push the vac. around!! He said that it never does me any good when I do it and he can't stand to see the results, so I get kicked out of my own home :) ! I know he will do a great job, as he wont want me saying "you've missed a bit" ... ! Does this make me a lucky girl?? I reckon so.
Am still trying to get myself organised for tomorrow, but not much else left to do. Think I will be absent from blog land over the week-end. Four hours of "teaching" takes it out of me and I will need time to recover.

photo of T' Shed for you to be going on with ....

Facing the door....

Thursday, 14 April 2011

T' Shed...

Just a couple of piccies.....

With my back to the door...

Still with my back to the door...

That's it for today folks!!

Twine !!

Just been having a nosy around on the blogs I follow and saw the card that Karen has made using twine! Not heard that word in years!! Good old fashioned word for extra strong string!! What Karen has used is nothing like string!! :) It's like a tightly twisted cord and quite fine from the look of it.
Reason for this posting??
I made myself some cords a few years ago and have put them away .... and YES, ... I do know where they are.... :)  , but this has given me a load of ideas to use some of them up. So...
(Anyone fancy some?? )

Cloudy Thursday

Well, it may be cloudy, but it is such a lovely day!!
After all the to-ing and fro-ing from the house to T' Shed, all the tidying up and sorting out I have done over nearly a week now, I am cream crackered!! In sooooo much pain, but you know what?? I don't care! I am back in my sanctuary and am loving it! I can see the apple blossom ... just hope that it doesn't all get fertilised!! My acid green contorted rubinnia (rubinia, robinia????) and the much gentler green of the twisted hazel. There are the last few daffodils and some tulips showing and down low to the ground, the violets.. such a perfume they have, if only I could get to them!! The tayberry and the gooseberries are showing well now, but can't see the currants yet.. This last wicked winter has killed a couple of my favourite shrubs though. My standard Myrtle and the variegated Myrtle (oh, yes folks, :) :) ) have been killed, so am upset about that. The beloved clove pinks and carnations have had it too. All I need now is a very good garden centre to see if I can replace them! I really, really hope I can...
This evening I must get myself organised and sort out my requirements for the monthly meeting of D.A.R.N.i.T. on Saturday. We are making pin cushions this and next month. I have chosen to make mine in the style of "biscornu" (? spelling). I have made one before, but I am tackling a larger version and with a different pattern and colour ways. Some others have chosen patchwork and a couple of other members are keeping their choices under wraps for the time being!
Now, mmmmm   ..... a piccie for today......

Machine embroidery .... free type .... on water soluble "fabric" ....  love this way of making things!!
Whatever you do, or are doing, enjoy and above all, take care!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

What a lovely day!

It has been another beautiful day here weather wise. Glorious sunshine, but the wind was chilly. Had to have a blood test this am and then I picked up my new specs., which are only a single lens, as the prescription will no longer fit into bi-focals!! Didn't realise how much my eyes had changed over this past year, but the new specs., are making me "see" how far they had gone!
T' Shed has had a most thorough tidying and I have had a very good sorting out. Been quite ruthless really, but I have decided that there are somethings which are just not worth hanging onto! Mostly silly little odds and ends, but they have gone into the bin.
Decided to put something a little different on the blog today. See what you think..

This vase is made from pure silk fibres and there are tiny embellishments added, which cannot be seen.

Tea light holders encased in silk fibres and standing on hand made plaster of paris stands, which are encased in silk fibres with beads added.

I love this little bowl! Made from strips of cotton, which are wrapped around rope and then stitched into place and shape. Had to add other bits and pieces, like hand wrapped beads and bobbly threads.

Hope you like these as much as you have appreciated everything else so far. I am so very grateful for all your comments. Thank you.
Have a great evening and take care.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Sunshine Saturday

Decisions, decisions!! Well, let's see what comes up for today, shall we??

Based on those wonderful "tops" of that church in Moscow. I took elements from the domes and then tried to represent the twists. Worked on dupion silk with silk threads.... pure silks I mean folks!

This one goes back a VERY long time!! Acrylics on canvas and the title is "Oh, poor Adam!" A bit of fun!

This is a watercolour. Somewhere in the Dales .... The first "effort" was an embroidery, but that got snapped up and now hangs on a wall in someones house!!
Hope todays offerings suit some of you at least.

The rest of my day is going to be spent in T' Shed, continuing to tidy up!! If I had twice the size it may help. I have suggested to OH that he just puts a roof over the entire garden! Can't see that happening :(

Thank you to everyone who is posting comments, I really appreciate them.
To "Janet" ... I too studied those subjects, but always manged to get a drawing, or two into my work :)
I teach people to draw, especially those who say they can't! Love a challenge...
Right, must go as T' Shed is calling.
Bye for now and you all take care.

Friday, 8 April 2011

Week-end here we come!

Mmmmm..... now let me see what I can find for you all today.
Oh, before I forget ...... thank you all so much for your lovely comments! Much appreciated..

A light pencil drawing of four, out of eight, puppies. Our beautiful labrador, Honey, gave birth to these in 1981! You have no idea what fun it was to be second "mum" to these cuddly little things! Am thinking of taking some prints from this.... Would look good on a card I think and it would also be cheaper to buy than the original!

Something quite different! Stumpwork embroidery! The 3D elements are worked over wire, which is first attached to calico and once completed, the item is cut away from the surrounding calico ....VERY, VERY CAREFULLY!!! The background is hand painted onto calico too. I call this piece "The Sunbathers".  It is hugely expensive..
Hope todays bits are inspiring, or not, as the case may be.
(Forgot to say in my profile, but I do teach too!! :) )

Just one last little one for today .... a pin cushion.... in the Biscornu style .....  aint she cute???

Thursday, 7 April 2011

And another little bit hee, hee...

Well, another day and I wish, another dollar! Mmmm now, which ones to choose for a lovely sunny day..
How about this one .... a reminder of summer days to come ??? or is this our summer we are having now?? Worked in pastels.

This is a view from Danes Dyke looking north.... another favourite family spot.
The waterfall from yesterday is in a little hidden nook in a tiny village called West Burton ... now don't all go rushing off to find it, will you??

Wonder what I can find for you all for tomorrow?

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Can't get the hang of this quite yet. Should have tried to put some info on about the pieces I posted. Well, here goes, better late than never!
The first one is a view of the Northumberland coast line and is done in pastels.
Second one is of a favourite family holiday place in the Yorkshire Dales and is 2' x 3' and painted with acrylics.
The third is another favourite place and done in pastels too.

A little bit more of me!

Only going to put one, or two photos of some of my work for today. Don't want to bore you all witless!
Starting with my paintings .... of course!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Trying something new!

Well, I have tried a little something new .... what do you think??
Decided that I ought to put something about myself on my page, so take a look. I promise to try and answer any questions which appear regarding my work and "skills".
Must try and get some more photos of my work onto the blog, so will be taking some this evening and then showing as soon as I can.
Hope you have all had a good day and will have a good evening.
Take care.

Monday, 4 April 2011


Hiya folks!
Thanks so much for your welcome. Am going to try and "do" things .... ah, but, ..... WHEN!!

Am trying an image ... just to see if it works ....

Have joined the family!!

 Hi everyone out there!

Just to let you all know that I have joined this blog land and will be trying to make the site my own .... when I find out how to do it all!!