Monday, 27 August 2012

Back again!!!!

Well, after finding out that I can get back onto my bloggs ... fate takes an unkind hand and puts me out of action! I was sorting out my photos stored on my pooter and began to feel a "twinge" in my back. Did my usual thing and ignored it. Oh, silly, silly me!!! Well when you have so many pains throughout the day, why should I take notice of just one more?? Anyway, the upshot is, the left side of my back went into total spasm! Oooooo did that hurt, or what!! I managed to get my Tens machine on to the spots, but all that did was ease the pain a bit. After a couple of days, the spasm eased of its own accord, but the pain was still there. I felt as if I had been kicked my the proverbial mule! Can't say how pleased I am that I got that Tens machine!!

Sooo, am I back ...  ????   Please, please let it be yes!!

When I was having problems with my blogg before and I ended up making another one ... "emjay" ... so now having two, I have decided to make one for my cards and the like and the "emjay" blogg for my jewellery and the like.

There, that being said, I should now try to put a photo on .. fingers crossed for me.

Whooo whoooo   it worked!!

IF I remember rightly, this card went off to a "purple crazy" lady in France some time ago!!

Now I know it works, I am going to go and sort through all my photos and will post some more at a later date.
Am off now to see to the "emjay" blogg.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

YEP !!!!!!!!!!!

Wow eeeee..........

It really looks like I'm back!!

Will have to try and catch up ... somehow... but don't you all hold your breaths!!

See you soon!!!

Hey .... guess what???

Looks like I can access Blogspot again!!  Bless Google Chrome ...
Wonder if this will go to my page???