Thursday, 28 July 2011

Expensive Thursday

Had to spend some money this afternoon ... on a pair of shoes!! I have been trying, for ages, to find something I like at a reasonable price (for the sake of OH's pocket!), but no such luck. It isn't easy for me to find shoes that fit me anyway, so today we toddled off to the only shop we know that I could get a pair to fit and it worked!! OH nearly fainted away mind! Well, I paid up (with my plastic friend) and ordered another pair to see if they are okay for me too. Don't have to have them if I don't like them, nor if they don't fit!!! The two ladies were terrific and even stayed on after they shop had closed to make sure that I got at least one pair. Quite happy now... need a bag to go with them... hee, hee. Will make that though, so I do save money in a round-a-bout way.

Made this card last evening on the live craft

topper close up

The main card was cut with a Spellbinders die from a sheet of A3 plain white card. I embossed the edges and then brushed inks over the edges to tone with the topper. Gold mirri was used to mat onto the card and also for the die cut backing for the topper ... from stash. The papers and the topper are from a collection called "Bazoo" and I just love them. Decided not to use ribbon, but some of my own hand made cord. Border peel-offs from Pinfliar and the message is from a sheet of peel-offs from my stash. Very pastel in colour, shades and tones, but I quite like it. Will make a similar one, but smaller. This one is just under 8" square (approx. 19.5cms). Think a 6" square one would be better...
Right, that's me done for the day. Need to go and look after this cold!
Take care...

Monday, 25 July 2011

Another Miserable Monday!

After spending all of last week confined to barracks, I woke this morning to find myself getting lost in a rotten cold!!! Until this has gone, I will still not be allowed into my beloved T' Shed! Aaagggg!!!!!
Okay ... so what do you do when you are confined to barracks?? Well, I tried knitting and that wasn't what I wanted. Then I tried needle tatting and got a bit further with that, but still wasn't what I wanted. Next I decided to get the beads out and hey presto! spent my time, since Friday making bracelets and here they are.

Three of them are kits from Beaders Companion. The top one and the bottom two. Am so, so disappointed in the overall quality of these kits. The thread is too thick for the needles provided and it is hard and stiff; the plastic bicone beads are roughly finished, but the seed beads are okay. Would be hard for them not to be!
I ended up using my own "Nymo" thread which made the finished bracelets much more fluid and nicer to wear.
The bottom two are made using the two needle method and I would not recommend them for newbies to beading. The next to the bottom one also has 3D flowers added too. No indication on the packets as to level of knowledge/expertise required. The kits are an import from America under the name of "Darice".
Okay, rant over ... now some photos ...

This next one is from a pattern I bought some while ago. The "Tila" beads were bought from GJ Beads (hope I have remembered that properly!). The pattern says to use 10gms of the Tila beads, but I found that I used every one of them and to make sure that the bracelet fitted MY wrist, I added the split rings to the fastener. It is my favourite of them all and it feels really, really good on!

Righty ho ... off to see what else I can get going with. This means a rummage through the beading stash... such a pain ... :) :) :)
Hope you are all keeping well and having a better time than I am..:)
Until the next time ... take care ...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Miserable Monday.

Well, only 'cos the weather is! Rain, wind and cold ... not the middle of July that's for sure.

Can put this one on now, as the person it was made for has had her birthday.
The background image is from a Docraft cd, the little girl is a Morehead stamped image and the sentiment is from a Humphrey's set. Card is from my stash and the colouring was done with watercolours. There is a tiny bit of sparkle on it too.
Recipient said she liked it!

Insert edges cut with a Martha Stewart punch and the "flowers" were from one, or other, of my cds!
Hope you are all having a better day than I am, but that wouldn't take much!! :) :)
Am going to be "gentle crafting" for the rest of the day.
To everyone out there, do take care...

Look what I got!!

Aren't I a lucky, lucky girl (!) to have someone who thinks of me in this way???
Thank you Karen... xxx

Friday, 15 July 2011

Still the 15th

and getting hotter by the minute!! Nearly 30c in T' Shed and it's cooler here than outside! Whewwww....
Okay another couple. Let's see ....

Awww, aint he cute!!! The image is from Woodland Folk, as are the papers. The zig-zag card was bought from Lakeland many years ago. Main card is a piece of Centura pearl from Crafters Companion and any other bits and bobs are from the stash. Another from a Live Craft session ... you really should come along, it's great fun and productive too!

Hot, hot, hot Friday!!

It is just far too hot today for me, nearly 30c in T' Shed and that's cooler than outside! The weatherman says that tomorrow we can expect rain ... well I for one wont complain about it being cooler, but why can't we have a 50/50 day? Not too hot and not too rainy?? That would be a good one to report on!! :) :)
Haven't done much in the way of making cards as I haven't found out, yet, how to do more than one thing at once! I have been tatting and knitting "things" and making silk (real silk) paper flowers, so I haven't been idle, now have I?
A couple of not too interesting cards I have done in the past week though. Thought that I might as well put them on here for you all to laugh at!!

One of the first Christmas cards of this year! From the Snowman cd (Crafters Companion) along with some papers and card from the stash. Made on a Live Craft evening ... see the Crafters Companion web site and then onto their forum.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Wobbly Wednesday

Well, here I am again folks! Bit remiss of me lately, but once again, life has been getting in the way! I have been making and in the process of making things and one day I hope that they all get finished!!
Thought that I would show you one, or two cards I have done recently... nothing too special... not like some of you out there! Will be catching up with you as soon as I have done here...

For a lovely nephew and his wife. How come I'm old enough to have children and relatives who have been married for 20 years, or more????

For my nephew's eldest ... 19 this month!! Thought a bit of fun wouldn't go amiss!

This one is for the nephew's youngest ... 17 this month...
The "children" have their birthdays two days apart!!

Now, let me see.... the anniversary one was made using a backing paper printed from an MSC disc, as were the backing papers on the ones for the boys. All the characters are from Morehead stamps ... they are sooo gorgeous! Coloured in with water colours... loved having a play. The lasso was made from a tiny piece of paper "string"... usually leave this for weaving with!

Will try and not be too long before I come and visit again...
You all take care ... OKAY???    :)