Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tired old Tuesday

I am sooo tired to day! Could be something to do with getting all the washing done yesterday; so what did I do this afternoon??? Stood and did the ironing! Now I am seriously paying for such a rash act. I always know what will happen, but someone has to do these jobs and OH just wouldn't get the creases in the right places, now would he? Had Wimbledon on whilst I was sweltering with the iron, so was "entertained". No cooking tonight, salad .. trying to be good... I did say trying!! :)

First Christmas card of this year... a slider. Card is from my stash, as are the papers, foiled card and embellishment. Was made during an evening with friends on a forum.
Am off to check the said forum out now, so, as ever, take care...

Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday, Monday so good to me ...

Oh, I wish!! Manged to get most of the washing done and dried. It's been a lovely afternoon here. Only just tried to rain a little while ago, so not too bad.
Thought that I would treat you all to another couple of my bags...

Can't say which is front, or back, as it doesn't really matter. It is made from hand dyed Aida and stitched with a variety of threads with a few beads for good measure. Organza ribbon runs down the sides and makes the handles. It is lined with a hand dyed cotton fabric to match.

Just a couple of piccies to show a little detail of some of the stitching.

This next bag is a very special one. Made from extra fine cotton and a variety of threads used. The designs were inspired by one of my favourite designers of all time, Emile Galle ... if you ever get the chance to see any of his work, then do go and see. He designed anything and everything ... wonderful, wonderful pieces he produced.

This side was inspired by one of his table lamps...

and this side was inspired by an insert in the foot of a bed he made...
There are only two stitches used throughout, blanket/button hole and chain stitch. It was done as a challenge.
I love making bags, but I make sure that they are always lined and have at least two pockets... one for a mobile phone and one large enough to take credit cards... they have to be useful, not just decorative!

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wednesday ...

Well, here we are again... only just Wednesday, but thought that I would post a couple of piccies for you.
The cards are for the twins...

We manged to see them yesterday and they are just gorgeous, delightful and could bring them home with me!
The pictures for the cards were taken from an MCS CD, Papercraft Library vol. 4 .... and all the card and paper were from my stash...
See you in a couple of days. Wont be on tomorrow as it is a kind of special day for me.
Whatever you do, enjoy and take care...

Monday, 13 June 2011

Busy Monday.

First thing that happened today was a visit to the dentist! I was not looking forward to it one bit as I was expecting two fillings! Ended up with non!!! One tooth was patched up and another was washed with fluoride... so got off lightly. Just hope I don't pay for it in a few months time.... mmmm..

I decided, about a week ago, to have a look through my yarn stash and the upshot was that I did a lot of sorting out. During the sorting, I chose some yarns that I thought would look good together and then set about knitting a handbag. Using multiple yarns and size 15mm needles it didn't take long at all. The next problem arose when I went to choose some fabric for the lining.. Now I have quite a large stash of yarns, but I have an even larger stash of fabrics, so instead of it taking me just a few minutes, well..... in the end I had to be really strict with myself and after telling myself off, a couple of times, I managed to choose the lining fabric. Got it all cut out, made a couple of pockets ... you know, for the phone and the credit cards :) , then came the fiddly bit of stitching the lining to the knitting! Well, of course I managed that, but the bag didn't look finished, so I made three flowers and then beaded the centres. I then crocheted a couple of clover leaves. Got them all stitched on and the result is this ...

The next photo shows the flowers and leaves a little closer...

and this shows where I've added a few beads to the pull tassel on the zip closer...

It's not a very big bag, only about 9 inches square.

I quite enjoyed making this and am seriously thinking about doing some more.... this way the stash will get smaller... and it would be lovely if I could sell them!!!!

Will be back again soon, but until then, take care...

P.S. Still can't catch up all you bloggers I'm following...... huge sorries!!!!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Helloooo again!

Well haven't I been remiss!!! Such an age since I was on last. Sorry about that, but every now and then, life sticks its ugly face in and I have to go with what is being dished out! I think, shhh, whispering this bit, that the "life" bit has gone for now! I sure as heck hope so... trouble is I have now so many things to catch up on.
I have been busy even so. Have made quite a few needle tatted items, done some crocheting and knitting too. No idle hands here, no matter what! Haven't had chance to take any photos of the things yet, still on the to do list!
Meanwhile, just to show you what I have got up to in the not too distant past, here are a few photos of some jewellery I made. Hope you enjoy!

I made the chain myself from split rings. The beads I bought from The Range, just because I liked them!

Some more beads from The Range and again, just because I liked them! Used some really nice blue cord and did the knotting technique on the necklace.

Little pearl beads and some copper coloured ones make this necklace.

Made from gold coloured beads with those gorgeous rose beads enclosed in the design. The rose beads came from The Range too!

I just want to thank a lovely lady for re-inspiring me to take up jewellery making again... so thanks Jane... you know who you are!

I also want to say a huge "SORRY" to everyone who's blogs I am following for not popping on lately. Please accept my apologies! Bet you have all been really busy too!

Will try and get back on more often now, so fingers crossed folks!
Bye for now and do take care...