Thursday, 8 November 2012

I have to say a huge "thank you" to Wendy and Karen for their help. They have both given me instructions on how to place "adverts" on my blog!  THANK YOU ....Mmwwwwaaaa

Another thank you to Karen for her rocker card instructions on her blog. I have tried it out.... with paper!! and it works love.... it really does... so all I have to do now is to make a card, eh??

Meanwhile, this is one I made last night on the "Live Craft"

Black and white Core'dinations, followed by a small flowery pattern from a paper pad by Papermania. The central white piece is glitter "paper" and on top of that is a piece of silver holo card from HunkyDory.... the little heart in the centre is a wooden one, covered with the Papermania paper and bling added to some of the "flowers".... oh and the ribbon is from a selection from Papermania...
I wasn't too sure about it last night, but this morning, maybe because of the day light, I rather like it... shall I call it "Umpteen shades of Grey"???   :) :)

Friday, 21 September 2012

Oh heck!!

I just thought that I would try to get a company logo on my blog and tried.... but I somehow knew that it wouldn't work!!! :(  
It says to copy and then paste it onto your blog ...  but guess what... I haven't a clue how to do that ... :) :)
Anyone out there care to help me???   PLEASE.

Thanks in anticipation...
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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Same day.... wow!!

This is the first Christmas card of the year! Am so far behind, I can't believe I will ever catch up.

Card stock and topper are all from Hunkydory. Their rainbow foiled card is f a n t a s t i c!!!!!!!! The papers are from The Snowman via Crafter's Companion.

This one is based on a pearlised card which I brushed over with a colour from one of my Big 'n Juicy pads... was I so lucky it was the right shade, or what!! I use brushed that look like men's shaving brushes when I want to add colour to my things. I am hopeless with a sponge, or anything else!
Once again I used the Hunkydory rainbow foiled card and topped that with one of their Christmas papers and one of their Christmas toppers which has been covered with their snowflake acetate and is slightly bowed. Peel off greeting finished it all off.

Timely Thursday

Haven't really been up to a great deal, although for some reason I always seem to be busy! How does that happen??

I made this card for a very special person. Knowing that she loves giraffes, I could not resist using these papers and the topper. They are from a range that I do so love. The quality is superb and the designs are just too cute for words. To "top" (ha, ha,) it all off, they are liberally sprinkled with encapsulated glitter.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Back again!!!!

Well, after finding out that I can get back onto my bloggs ... fate takes an unkind hand and puts me out of action! I was sorting out my photos stored on my pooter and began to feel a "twinge" in my back. Did my usual thing and ignored it. Oh, silly, silly me!!! Well when you have so many pains throughout the day, why should I take notice of just one more?? Anyway, the upshot is, the left side of my back went into total spasm! Oooooo did that hurt, or what!! I managed to get my Tens machine on to the spots, but all that did was ease the pain a bit. After a couple of days, the spasm eased of its own accord, but the pain was still there. I felt as if I had been kicked my the proverbial mule! Can't say how pleased I am that I got that Tens machine!!

Sooo, am I back ...  ????   Please, please let it be yes!!

When I was having problems with my blogg before and I ended up making another one ... "emjay" ... so now having two, I have decided to make one for my cards and the like and the "emjay" blogg for my jewellery and the like.

There, that being said, I should now try to put a photo on .. fingers crossed for me.

Whooo whoooo   it worked!!

IF I remember rightly, this card went off to a "purple crazy" lady in France some time ago!!

Now I know it works, I am going to go and sort through all my photos and will post some more at a later date.
Am off now to see to the "emjay" blogg.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

YEP !!!!!!!!!!!

Wow eeeee..........

It really looks like I'm back!!

Will have to try and catch up ... somehow... but don't you all hold your breaths!!

See you soon!!!