Tuesday, 31 January 2012

End of the Month!

Well folks, here we are. The last day of January already and where did it all go? I haven't broken any resolutions, as I didn't make any...

Managed to make a card for hubby's birthday, which was a few days ago. Cut the intricate design out on the Cameo, of course! Now all I need to do is to try and find where I can get some black card of a decent weight...
Need to try and find some time now for a boat load of cards to cope with the February birthdays! I definitely need more hours in each day. So many things to fit in ... the knitting that's on the go, the crocheting that's on the go, making buttons and beads ... oh you get the idea!! :) :)
Hope you are all having a reasonably good day, or better yet, a good one!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Just a quickie

As I don't really have a great deal to say .... WHAT???? ... okay :) I thought that I would just post a couple of cards I have recently made.

This was done with the Silhouette Cameo! All the little bits and pieces cut so cleanly. Card stock used is from the Coredinations, a little white card and acetate complete the card.

Another one cut from the new toy! It's for a little boy whose birthday isn't until June! Will cut his name in separate letters and wind them across the front. Think red letters will look good.

This is a lovely simple card. I took the design from a Live Craft on Crafters Companion .... every Wednesday evening from 7.30pm... everyone welcome! The original was for a very large card and I don't like making such large ones, so I just halved the sizes and measurements. Cordinations card stock again, the backing paper from a collection called "NeighbourWood" and the butterflies are cut from some holographic papers I have had fro years.

This is from last nights Live Craft. Coredinations again, NeighbourWood paper again and a holographic butterfly with a couple of paper flowers all topped off with a little bling.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Chilly Sunday

Well, what a rotten week! Decided to use my sticks when I was out on Tuesday. Thought that the extra exercise wouldn't come amiss! Well that was a BIG mistake ... The pressure I put into my shoulders, particularly the right one, upset all the workings and the pain traveled up into my neck and jaw. Now, I don't know about you, but I find that neck and head pain are the hardest to cope with... you know ... like bad tooth ache!!!!!! What can you do??? Grit your teeth and wait for it all to settle down and meanwhile, USE THE WHEELCHAIR!!!!!!!!!! Okay, moan over .... :)
At last I did manage to make something and although I shouldn't really post it yet, I think that the recipient wont mind. Will be in the post tomorrow!!

Sorry it's a bit blurred!

Main card was cut from Coredinations from Crafter's Companion. All the other coloured pieces are Coredinations too and the white is just plain white card stock from my stash. Will be making an envelope this afternoon ...

Well, that's it for now. Hope you all have had a good weekend. See you soon!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Been palying!

Had a great afternoon ... been playing with my new machine and have managed to work it out without that flippin' video!!!
Only made a couple of things, but it is sooooo great!!!!!!! :) :)
Spent the $10 freebie that came with it, well nearly I have 10c. left!! I have a list of "would likes" as long as both my arms. The on line store should carry a health warning, or at least a credit card warning!! :) :)
I promise to post the things I have made when I get them on the camera. Just remember, I am still learning!
Hope you all have had as good a Saturday as I have.
See you soon!!!

Friday, 6 January 2012

It's a good Friday!

Hiya everyone!!
Well.... my new arrived today and I have been trying to get it all up and running. Done everything I'm supposed to do, went to watch the Instructional VIDEO, but there are no pictures!! A lovely blue black screen and this American voice droning on and on. I thought that a VIDEO had pictures??? Sent a message to seller, so will see what comes of that. Haven't had a play yet. After all the messing about getting it out of the box and doing the pooter setting up, I deserve a break! All my card is out in T' Shed, so I will have to take a deep breath, pluck up my courage and go out to grab a couple of pieces. Will then have a quick play. Effort will be posted at a later date!
Began to feel "odd" last evening and still feel a bit that way today. Don't know what is going off and unless I get to feel worse, wont bother the doc.
I hope you all have a great weekend and only do what you really want to do!
Until the next time .... take care!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


A very Happy New Year to all my blog friends! Hope you all had a good one and that the hang overs have gone.
I began this blog with so many good intentions, but life really got in the way over the past year. My hope, not just for myself, but for all those around me, is that this coming one will be so much better. All I can hope for is that I can make a posting at least once a week, no matter how small it may be.
Time got very tight towards the back end of the year and although I made many, many Christmas cards, I didn't get the chance to take many photos, so have no record of all the work I did! Oh, well. Just hope that the recipients appreciated what they received.

This one that I managed to get a piccie of ...

A "Snowman" background, with a couple of rub ons, but the tree is made from feathers! I did stick some bling into the "branches" and stroked glitter glue down some of the others.

A real 3D card, this one! Made at a Live Craft on the Crafter's Companion forum.

Another Live Craft effort. The decoupage is from a B. Potter cd-rom, bought from Crafters Companion.

Using the same measurements as the card above, but just moving the pieces around a little and a whole different look!

Apart from all the card making, I knitted a great deal, made some silk (real silk!) flowers, tatted some butterflies and mini doilies. Extreme knitted a couple of handbags and made a real silk top. Did manage to keep myself busy, even if I didn't manage to make it onto here!

So do I make a New Years' resolution ???? No, I don't think so... as we all know what happens to those! All I can do, is to try and make it here at least once a week.... maybe on a Saturday evening? Will get it written down in my diary... so fingers crossed!

Bye for now and thank you so much for stopping by. See you again soon..xx